Best Hobby Ideas - Flying an RC Airwolf Helicopter

Published: 12th November 2011
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A growing number of people are becoming hooked to the excitement and delight of flying an RC Airwolf Helicopter. This model aircraft is starting to turn into a real favorite among hobbyists for the reason that it offers users the capability to operate the device just like flying an actual full-sized helicopter—and possibly even better because model helicopters have more abilities when it comes to specific techniques like backwards flight, hovering, as well as other freestyle moves.

The Airwolf is in fact modeled after the 80s tv series helicopter of the exact same name, and if you know it, you can see how closely it resembles the original chopper. Its trademark appearance is that of a sleek black finish plus a white detail at the bottom portion of the body, but you will also come across other color versions like blue, grey and even a full black.

To give you some basic details about this super cool and worthwhile hobby, go ahead and read the information provided below. You might realize that it really is the one hobby you’ve been searching for.

Types of RC Models
There are essentially two kinds of model helicopters:
  • Fuel-powered - makes use of nitro, petrol, gasoline or gas-turbine
  • Electric-powered - makes use of batteries
There is really no definite answer to which kind is more superior because that depends upon each hobbyist’s preferences. To decide which model is ideal for you, you have to know your spending budget as well as other specifics including the engine capability, speed controller, power source, manufacturer, and so forth.

Average Prices
If you're considering of flying an RC Airwolf Helicopter as a pastime, the first thought that you might probably be concerned with is the costs in buying your very own model. It is true that purchasing the device used to be incredibly expensive, but now that it is more recognized, you will be happy to learn that the rates have decreased substantially.

The primary factor that makes the item pricey is its type of power source used. Fuel-powered designs are often more costly-they can range from $1,000 to $9,000. But in spite of the high cost, they do provide advanced performance and possess a longer flight time (7-14 minutes).

Alternatively, battery-powered models are more reasonably-priced. You can buy them for as little as $100, and the more superior brands designs can go as much as $1,500. Electric choppers are widespread among most hobbyists due to its affordability, however they do have shorter flight durations (4-12 minutes).

Do keep in mind that costs will differ upon on the brand manufacturer, engine size as well as other variables. When acquiring your very first helicopter, make sure you know precisely what you're going to utilize it for and how much you are prepared to invest. If you’re thinking of entering a flying contest or building a collection, then you'll definitely require a far more capable model, but if you're just going to use it for leisurely reasons, then a more cost-effective but durable model should do.

Flying Small Choppers as a Pastime
Gone are the days when hobbies consisted of ordinary activities like collecting stamps, watching birds, and knitting. People today have much cooler alternatives and have the opportunity to truly take pleasure in what hobby they’re doing. So if you are a hobbyist who needs a thrilling outdoor pastime, then flying an RC Airwolf Helicopter is undoubtedly appropriate for you! Go on and hunt for your preferred model right away so you can finally begin experiencing the spectacular thrills that this mini chopper provides.

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